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Why Do You Use Support Tickets And What Are They?

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With thousands of customers, from all over the world, we receive a large number of emails each day from people asking questions.
It is a time consuming task task to manage them all, as I'm sure you can imagine. To make things easier all round, and make sure the right person sees your message to give advice we use a support system.

A ticket is issued for each message we receive, logged, and sent to the person best placed to answer your question.

In addition, I don’t know if you have noticed but, over the last few months email has become more and more unreliable. Sometimes we have not been receiving people’s emails or they have not been receiving our replies, causing frustration all round.

So, to help avoid this, we are using this support system to help make our communications more reliable.

You will receive a personal response to your question by email. Make sure you receive our reply by white listing our email address as per this instructions here.

If you think it may have gone astray check your spam folder or bulk email folder as your email software/service may have put our email in there in error. This is a common problem with Yahoo and AOL accounts.

You can login to you account to see your question and our reply. If you Registered your name then you will have your login details.

If you just replied to one of our emails with your question then an account will have been automatically created for you and the details emailed to you.

Remember that often people think we have not answered their question when in fact we have and their email software/service has put it in their spam folder in error. To make sure this does not happened there are two things you should do.
  1. Register yourself with us in the support centre. That way you will always be able to login to see our replies and will also have a record of all the questions you ask.
  2. White listing our email address as per this instructions here. That way you will be sure to receive our replies by email too.
If you need to to retrieve your login information you can find out how to do this here.

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