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How To Make Sure You Receive Our Emails & Response To Your Question
We get emails and support tickets every day from people who are upset because they believe we have not answered their question. We answer every email and support ticket...
Why Do You Use Support Tickets And What Are They?
With thousands of customers, from all over the world, we receive a large number of emails each day from people asking questions.   It is a time consuming task...
No email reply from Support. Read this!
An email is sent out every time a ticket is received or replied to.   We understand that it is frustrating when you appear not to be getting...
Registration Errors - Username Taken or Email Taken
If you are trying to register and you receive one of these error messages but you are the owner of the email address: The Error Message Error: Username taken, please...
Why I Should I Register With You
As part of your purchase you have received unlimited email advice regarding your dog. Occasionally you may have a technical or...
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