How To Stop Common Dog Problems

dog barkingIf you are experiencing problems with your pet you probably want stop common dog problems.  Canine behavioral issues, such as aggression, excessive barking, biting, chewing, jumping up, etc., can be very annoying, destructive and even dangerous.  These bad habits can create a very unpleasant pooch that is disliked by your visitors and neighbors and can make your home life a misery.

The best way to stop common dog problems is to prevent Read more

7 Great Puppy Training Tips

leashDogs need an early education for proper development, so you might find puppy training tips useful in your endeavor to raise a dog that is happy, healthy, obedient and friendly.  This is especially true if you are a first time owner.

What you need to understand is that teaching a pup is not difficult, cruel or a waste of your time.  Just like children, what they learn in the beginning stages in their life influences the overall personality that they will exhibit when they are fully grown.  Therefore, following the right puppy training tips can make a positive impact on how you approach training and how well it is accepted by your pet. Read more

Basic Dog Obedience Training

Basic dog obedience training needs to be taught to all dogs.  It doesn’t matter if they are large, medium, small, young, old, a purebred or a mutt.  All canines can benefit by learning obedience and so can you!  In fact, you will find that it is one of the best things you can do for your pet.

What does basic dog obedience training do for your animal?  It does many great things including:

  • Opens a line of communication between you and your pooch.
  • Provides him with mental stimulation. Read more

The Importance Of Basic Dog Commands

dog trainingBasic dog commands are essential to every canine’s education.  Even if they learn nothing else, fundamental obedience is required to give you control, provide them with direction and to teach them that you are the pack leader.  A canine that lacks this type of training can develop serious behavioural problems, such as possessiveness of objects, food and people and aggression.  An untrained pet will not listen to you and can cause serious problems within your home and in public.

What are basic dog commands?  Read more

More Advanced Obedience Training

Teaching your dog basic obedience is the perfect beginning to his education, but more advanced obedience training is required to improve his skills and so you can do more with him.    After all, a dog that is extremely well behaved, and can be trusted to obey on command, is a welcome member of your community and can be taken just about anywhere, even without a leash.

However, you might be wondering, what more advanced obedience training should you teach your pooch and how far should you take his learning?  Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts Of How To Train A Dog

How to train a dog and how not to, are important lessons that every trainer needs to learn.  Knowing what should be avoided is just as important as understanding what is necessary, especially since it is so easy to make mistakes and unintentionally reinforce negative behaviors.

The following is a breakdown of how to train a dog Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Be consistent – teach a lesson using the same technique, verbal instruction and hand signal every time.
  • Be patient – Take training slow and wait for your dog’s comprehension.
  • Teach one command at a time – More than one can create confusion. Read more

How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

Aggressive dog behavior is difficult to deal with and train out of your pet once it has already developed.  It is far easier to prevent aggression in your pooch than deal with the aftermath once it exists.  Therefore, as soon as you welcome your puppy or the full-grown canine you have adopt into your home, you need to begin your prevention plan.

Here’s what you need to do in order to deter aggressive dog behavior:

Socialize your pet – Don’t keep him cooped up in the home.  Introduce him to the outside world Read more

Teach Your Dog Down

beagle downWhen you feel it is time to teach your dog to down, you’ll be glad for it.  This is one of the most useful lessons you can give him.  A canine who lies down on command is one who is showing great respect for his owner.  It is also useful to help desensitize a dog’s fears and calm hyperactivity.   Moreover, a pooch in the “down” position poses less of a threat to strangers.

Here is a simple teach your dog to down technique Read more

Teach Your Dog To Sit

If you are interested in learning how to teach your dog to sit, you will find this is one of the easiest training commands and one of the simplest for your pooch to learn.  It is often a good idea to begin with the Sit obedience lesson first because you’ll find you will need it for other tricks and commands.

You can teach your dog to sit in a few simple steps Read more

Basic Dog Training – The 3 Vital Elements

Basic dog training is not difficult to implement and is something that you need to begin teaching your pooch as soon as you welcome him into your home.   However, the fundamentals of instructing your pet is more than just having him learn a few choice commands.  It’s a matter of obedience and making him understand and follow your rules.

The following three elements make up basic dog training:

1.    House breaking – Right from the start your puppy needs to realize Read more

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