Great Danes

At a glance
great daneGreat Danes are a large working breed. Danes are vibrant, fearless, amiable and reliable dogs. Great Danes are recognized as one of the tallest canine breeds. However, in spite of their size, they have a sweet disposition and are very friendly with children.


  • Names – Grand Danois (Old French for “Great Dane”); Dogue Allemand (modern French for “German Mastiff”), Dane, Gentle Giant, Deutsche Dogge (“German Mastiff”), Dänischer Hund (“Danish Hound”), “the Apollo of dogs”
  • Group – AKC: Working Group; KC: Working
  • Size – large
  • Life expectancy – average of 10 and a range of 8-12 years
  • Cost of ownership – medium
  • Ease of ownership – high
  • Aggressive tendency – low
  • Amount of Exercise – medium
  • Amount of Grooming – low
  • Ease of Training – medium
  • Obedience level – medium
  • Suitable for Children – high
  • Amount of Care Required – low
  • Susceptibility to Health Problems – medium

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