Basic Dog Obedience Training

Basic dog obedience training needs to be taught to all dogs.  It doesn’t matter if they are large, medium, small, young, old, a purebred or a mutt.  All canines can benefit by learning obedience and so can you!  In fact, you will find that it is one of the best things you can do for your pet.

What does basic dog obedience training do for your animal?  It does many great things including:

Dog Travel Checklist

If you plan on traveling with your dog, you need to make sure that you have everything he requires to ensure he has a fun and safe trip.

  • Research your destination – Make sure the place where you will be traveling is dog friendly.   This means:

New Dog Care & Basic Equipment Checklist

If you will be welcoming a new dog into your home, the following is the checklist you want to follow to help ensure everything gets off to a great start!

Basic Equipmentdog collar

  • Collar – Adjustable sturdy nylon or leather collar. It shouldn’t slip off your dog’s head. As a rule of thumb you should only be able to place two fingers under comfortably.
  • Leash – Sturdy nylon or leather lead.
  • I.D. tag – It should include your dog’s name, your address and phone number. Your dog should always wear this on this collar in case he ever becomes lost.

Find A Lost Dog Checklist

If at any time your dog should runaway or go missing, you need to immediately begin searching for him using this checklist as your guide.

  • Search your neighborhood first.  Walk slowly and meticulously and observe your surroundings, this includes under houses, backyards, any open garages, bushes, etc.  Call your dog by name.  Do this search at different points throughout the day, especially the early morning, early afternoon or late evening when it is quiet and your dog has a better chance of hearing you.

Choosing a Breeder Checklist

Choosing the right breeder isn’t only about finding someone who breeds the type of dog you want but also means finding a person who has experience breeding, is reputable, loves the particular dog breed they produce and wants to help it become healthier and stronger.  The following is what you need to look for when choosing a breeder.

A good breeder…

  • Should be registered with the kennel club of your nation and/or the breed club of your nation.  National clubs will typically only associate themselves with reputable individuals.   Though there is no guarantee Continue reading Choosing a Breeder Checklist

Buying A Puppy Checklist

You’ve decided to buy a puppy and are excited about bringing the little four-legged bundle of joy home.  WAIT!

Before you get ahead of yourself do you know what you are getting yourself into?  Can you provide the dog with a happy and healthy life for all the days of his life?  To help you determine if you are making the right decision, consider the following: Continue reading Buying A Puppy Checklist

Dog Adoption Checklist

Thinking about dog adoption from the humane society or your local rescue?  If so, here is what you need to keep in mind before taking this step:

  • dog adoptionWhy do you want to adopt a dog?  Are you trying to find a companion for your lonely pet, want to satisfy the desires of your children or are you lonely?  These are not good reasons to acquire an animal.  Only adopt if you truly want the dog and are looking for a pet that you are prepared to be responsible for, care for, train and love.