Dog House Training Checklist and Routine Planner

Dog house training takes time, but your dog can be a fast learner if you provide him with a solid routine that includes regimented feeding times, frequent bathroom breaks and positive encouragement.

What you will need

  • dog treatsFeeding schedule – Feed your dog 2 – 3 times per day at the same time.  This will help make his elimination routine more predictable and easier to manage. Choose an area in your yard for elimination – Most canines like to do their business in the same area because it has their scent.
  • Select a verbal command (I.E. go potty) if you would like to train him to go to the bathroom when you tell him – It’s a good idea to teach your dog an elimination command because when he is older you’ll be able to have him go when you give the order.
  • Treats – These help reinforce good behavior and will serve as a great reward in the beginning when you are trying to teach your pooch that eliminating outside is a good thing.
  • Praise – Make sure he knows how much you


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    I like the techniques that labrador savvy teaches to help us tackle all our pets problems.

    This organisation is rising towards excellence.

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