Your Role In Housebreaking A Dog

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It is a fact that housebreaking a dog can be hard work, especially in the case of getting a new puppy or a rescue dog that has no prior experience of toilet training at all. You may find surprises in your kitchen for months to come after you first take your pooch in but you absolutely have to play our part in housebreaking your dog as quickly and effectively as possible.

Your role is of paramount importance when housebreaking a dog as you are effectively a teacher and a parent within your own home. You have to provide your dog with


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One Response to “Your Role In Housebreaking A Dog”
  1. samova says:

    I have a basset hound with 12 weeks and the process of house braking was really easy with some simple rules:

    - First don´t take your puppy for all your home, these only make the target to big. And the cleaning process irritating. You love it, but the puppy needs to respect your space.
    - Calculate the size of the puppy and the time to arrive in time to a mat or paper with solution. The puppy could easy arrive to the place? or could be lost?
    -Start with a small area some place to sleep, other to eat, other to make the stuff.
    - Let the puppy control the space and be independent.
    - Never be stress about the process, it´s easy for the puppy manipulate you. They always want your attention, no matter the cost.
    - Always reward the minimum effort
    - The permission to move to a new area it`s because the development in the previous area was correct.
    - Never feel guilty about not let him go to all your home, they need to make an effort to deserve to be in your space. These is the pack law. They must win place and then upgrade.
    - Make a schedule with the relation between the start of eating, finishing and go to make his stuff. Then make the arrangements to make an easy program to follow. Be honest with you if you never go up at 6 am. Make the schedule really comfortable for you. Remember the first rule it´s enjoy your dog.

    All these make my dog house braking in 5 days.

    I hope these simple things help you as help me.

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