Choosing a Breeder Checklist

Choosing the right breeder isn’t only about finding someone who breeds the type of dog you want but also means finding a person who has experience breeding, is reputable, loves the particular dog breed they produce and wants to help it become healthier and stronger.  The following is what you need to look for when choosing a breeder.

A good breeder…

  • Should be registered with the kennel club of your nation and/or the breed club of your nation.  National clubs will typically only associate themselves with reputable individuals.   Though there is no guarantee that these breeders are excellent, they do have to pass more rigorous standards and are screened.  Therefore, you have a better chance of obtaining a good dog from a strong pedigree.  Moreover, should it turn out that you do have a bad experience you can always report the person to the club.
  • Only breeds one or two types of dogs.  The breeder should be knowledgeable about the breed standards, which means they are fully aware of all the desirable traits in the breed (I.E. size, coat, color, temperament, etc.)
  • Has their dogs in their


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