Obedience Training

Basic Dog Obedience Training

Basic dog obedience training needs to be taught to all dogs.  It doesn’t matter... 

More Advanced Obedience Training

Teaching your dog basic obedience is the perfect beginning to his education, but... 

Teach Your Dog Down

When you feel it is time to teach your dog to down, you’ll be glad for it.  This... 

Teach Your Dog To Sit

If you are interested in learning how to teach your dog to sit, you will find this... 

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Dog Problems Solved!

How To Stop Common Dog Problems

If you are experiencing problems with your pet you probably want stop common dog... 

Stop Dog Jumping Up On People

You can teach your dog to stop jumping up on people if this is a behavioral problem... 

Stop Puppy Biting

You’ll want to stop puppy biting as soon as it starts to prevent your dog from... 

How To Stop Barking Dogs

Teaching a dog how to stop barking is something that many owners want to achieve. ... 

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Check Lists

Dog House Training Checklist and Routine Planner

Dog house training takes time, but your dog can be a fast learner if you provide him with a solid routine that includes regimented feeding times, frequent bathroom breaks and positive encouragement. What you will need Feeding schedule – Feed your dog 2 – 3 times per day at the same time.  This will help make his elimination routine more predictable... [Read more...]

Choosing a Breeder Checklist

Choosing the right breeder isn’t only about finding someone who breeds the type of dog you want but also means finding a person who has experience breeding, is reputable, loves the particular dog breed they produce and wants to help it become healthier and stronger.  The following is what you need to look for when choosing a breeder. A good breeder… Should... [Read more...]

Buying A Puppy Checklist

You’ve decided to buy a puppy and are excited about bringing the little four-legged bundle of joy home.  WAIT! Before you get ahead of yourself do you know what you are getting yourself into?  Can you provide the dog with a happy and healthy life for all the days of his life?  To help you determine if you are making the right decision, consider... [Read more...]

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